Want to know a little bit more about MAD-HQ?

MAD-HQ brings together all the previous Mad websites, www.fitness-mad.com, www.yoga-mad.com and www.pilates-mad.com in to one easy to navigate and user friendly website!

Who are we?

At Mad-HQ.com our customers now have access to the whole range of Fitness-Mad, Pilates-Mad, Yoga-Mad, Boxing-Mad & Align-Pilates products as well as access to US brands exclusively distributed in Europe by The Mad Group; The BurnMachine & ToeSox, Tavi Noir and Base socks.

What do we do?

MAD-HQ offers leading fitness, health and wellbeing equipment across a range of disciplines. Feel free to read on and find out more information on the birth of The Mad Group, the origin, and the history in the 'Our Company' section.

Why trust MAD-HQ?

Mad products are carefully selected to provide optimum performance to help you get the most out of your chosen exercise routine. The majority of ‘Mad’ products are designed for commercial use, as our equipment is widely used by leading Studios, Clubs and Fitness Professionals, so whether you are looking for equipment for home or professional use we are confident that our equipment will more than match your expectations.

Customer Service is key to our operation and our telephones are always manned during the UK working week - please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a query about any of our products or are seeking that personal touch.

Buy with Confidence

Fitness-Mad, Mad and The-Mad-Group are registered Trademarks and Trading names of The Mad Group (HQ) Ltd. Registered in the UK No 188425 - you can see us at Companies House. We were founded in 1923 and have a Creditsafe Credit Score of over 80/100 which means ”Very Good Credit Worthiness" see Creditsafe's Company Credit Reports so you can buy from us with complete confidence.

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