Align-Pilates Studio Equipment

Align-Pilates are a leading UK and European Pilates Studio Equipment brand, helping Pilates Studios and Instructors set up their own Pilates Reformer Studio at an affordable price. Setting up a successful studio, with high quality and low cost Pilates studio equipment, is an exciting prospect, yet outside of North America the costs are extremely high, it's our mission to change that!

Align-Pilates Studio Equipment range includes Pilates reformers, Pilates Cadillac Reformer, Pilates Half Cadillac and Towers, Pilates and Barre Wall Tower, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Stacking Arc Barrel and Pilates box (also known as a Pilates sitting or moon box). Plus matwork equipment including mats, Pilates rings (magic circles), ovaballs and more. With the most competitive prices in Europe, you're sure to find the best value for money Pilates Studio Equipment and apparatus right here.

We have a large range to help make it easy picking the right Pilates reformer for you, however if you'd prefer to discuss with one of our experts, please contact us.

Pilates reformer and studio images for banner provided by Wollerau, Wellbeing Centre Bungendore and Spiritual Athletica.

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