Align-Pilates 7'' Exer-Soft Pilates Ball - Purple

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The Align-Pilates Exer-Soft Ball (also known as an over ball) is perfect for matwork and use on a Pilates reformer and apparatus or part of a physiotherapy and rehabilitation routine. It can be used t... read more

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The Align-Pilates Exer-Soft Ball is perfect for matwork and use on a Pilates reformer and apparatus. It can be used to aid a workout or to make it more challenging by providing resistance; use under the lower back for support or between the knees, ankles, or hands. Ideal for pelvic floor exercises, the ball will enhance your Pilates workout and help develop strength, endurance, and concentration as well as promoting relaxation and coordination.

The balls are anti-slip offering excellent grip. Ball size is down to personal preference, but many choose to have one of each for more choice and depending on the exercise you're doing so it is common to have multiple sizes; 7” and 9” for great diversity. Our soft balls are also perfect for Pilates studios and instructors to use as they are commercial quality and anti-burst, meaning if the ball were to be punctured, it wouldn't burst but slowly deflate - providing better safety for your clients.

  • Non-slip and tactile training aid
  • Designed to assist in isolating and targeting specific muscles
  • Helps to improve strength, endurance, concentration, and coordination


Product Details:

  • Code:  PAPEXBALL7
  • Brand:  Align-Pilates
  • Colour:  Purple
  • Dimensions:  7” (18cm) diameter
  • Material:  DINP PVC (latex free)
  • Safety Tested:  Factory tested, burst resistant at 100kg
  • Care Instructions:  Wipe with a clean damp cloth. DO NOT use harsh cleaning detergents on this product.

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