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National Fitness Day


National Fitness Day

Today is National Fitness Day, many events are taking place throughout the UK and to celebrate fitness and physical activity.

It’s important to stay fit and active as much as you can, through every stage of life, to ensure you are able to enjoy it to the max but heading into Autumn makes it a little bit harder to not want to hibernate and eat everything in sight. Here are our top tips on how to take care of yourself and your health, setting yourself up for a healthful winter:

Stay Active

This is an obvious one! Exercise is a natural stress buster and helps you feel great. Try moving your body a little bit every day, taking a short walk before or after work (or during your lunch break), booking into your favourite gym class, throwing some weights around (not literally), logging onto an online class at home – exercise can be done pretty much anywhere, and with the help of the internet and many free online videos, there is nothing stopping you from getting a quick and easy workout in at home! You might not want to at first, but we always find we feel much better after a little bit of movement.


Get outdoors

We get it; it’s cold, wet, windy, or a mixture of all three outside, which makes it less than desirable but if you wrap up warm and dress for the weather, being outside can still be a fun activity even in the cooler Autumnal days. Without the frosts of winter, you can still get out on the road on your bike, or go for a jog, or if you’re not wanting to exercise outside, maybe simply go for a gentle walk in a local woods, beach, or park. Being in nature can help us relax, lower blood pressure, improve your memory – read more here


Be Mindful

Mindfulness can come from a number of activities, from meditation but if you’re looking for a more active way to meditate Yoga and Pilates are perfect. They help you build flexibility and strength and at the same time allow you to draw inwards to truly focus on yourself.


Spend time with friends and family in a different way

Spending time with the family or friends doesn’t mean you have to go for brunch or meet at the cinema. You could book in for a friendly tennis match down your local gym, go for a group walk, or play some board games (to keep your mind active), or go to a spa to rejuvenate. You’ll all benefit from spending time together.


Ultimately, health is all about taking care of yourself, but today, on National Fitness Day, what can you do to be active? Find an activity to take part in today here:

And take those first steps, to a healthier, more active you!



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