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5 Reasons Why You Have to Man Up for Pilates

posted by:Guest writer; Mehret Hope, Pilates Instructor, Director and Founder of

Pilates, developed by a man, Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 1900s, is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body. Generally, it improves balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and posture. Up until today, it is generally regarded as female-oriented. After reading this article, you will be surprised on the great benefits it can give men.

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Choosing the right Pilates mat

posted by:MAD-HQ

If you haven’t heard already, Pilates is fantastic for your overall health and well being as well as helping to look after your spine! Pilates requires little equipment so if perfect at home, but one of the key pieces of equipment is the Pilates mat!

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Breaking the UK Barriers for Pilates Instructors to offer Pilates apparatus sessions to customers in UK & Europe

posted by:Chris Onlsow from Mbodies Training Academy

In our series of articles by Chris Onslow from MBodies Training Academy, we look into breaking the UK barriers that many Pilates instructors face, starting with an example from an instructor named Sarah:

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