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What's It Like Being Part of a Boat Club?

posted by:MAD-HQ

An Interview with Patrick Elwood from Cambridge University Boat Club! About training and what it's really like to be part of an internationally recognised boat team!

Tags:rowing, fitness, recovery

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How to use your Spikey Trigger Point Massage Balls!

posted by:Emma Cuadrado, instructor and owner of Cambridge Barre Workout

Emma Cuadrado of Cambridge Barre Workout takes us through how to use your spikey trigger point massage balls to release tight knots and tension.

Tags:massage, self massage, trigger point release

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National Fitness Day

posted by:MAD-HQ

Today is National Fitness Day, many events are taking place throughout the UK to celebrate fitness and physical activity. It’s important to stay fit and active as much as you can, through every stage of life, to ensure you are able to enjoy it to the max but heading into Autumn makes it a little bit harder to not want to hibernate and eat everything in sight. Here are our top tips on how to take care of yourself and your health, setting yourself up for a healthful winter:

Tags:National Fitness Day, Fitness, Health, Wellbeing

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What is a Yoga Block?

posted by:Katie Cornish, 200hr Yoga Alliance Professionals UK qualified yoga teacher

The first part of our in-depth look at the props you find commonly, or sometimes uncommonly, in a yoga studio and class. Props are used to help aid or deepen your yoga practice. They are a great tool to help you discover more about yourself and your practice.

Tags:yoga block, yoga brick, yoga props

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