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Economics of owning your own Pilates studio

posted by:Guest Author - Chris Onslow

The economics of owning and running your own Pilates studio in UK and Europe have changed greatly in the past 3 years. The demographics of our studio customers have also changed with a clear division between 'Urban' based Studios featuring Group Exercise on Reformers, and maybe 'Chairs' and low overhead 'Boutique' studios, often in spare bedrooms, garages or portable structures (garden buildings) with a focus on clinical Pilates and wellness.

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Hurts so good! Foam rollers, what are they and why are they so good?

posted by:MAD-HQ

Foam rollers are increasingly used in fitness, Pilates and physiotherapy to improve strength, flexibility and balance, and are also used for myofascial massage and self-acupressure. Whether you’re looking to enhance flexibility, balance and strength, soothe muscles, or simply add some variety into your routine, a foam roller is a fantastic tool that can complement any workout.

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