Align-Pilates C8-Pro Reformer With Leg Extensions

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With an all new 8 PU wheel carriage system for the quietest and lowest maintenance ride available, the C8-Pro is the ultimate C-Series reformer. The C8-Pro features Align-Pilates' patented Rapid Chang... read more

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With an all new 8 PU wheel carriage system for the quietest and lowest maintenance ride available, the C8-Pro is the ultimate C-Series reformer. The C8-Pro features Align-Pilates' patented Rapid Change (RC) spring bar for the quickest and easiest adjustment available. The Rapid Change (RC) spring bar of the C8-Pro radically changes the ease and speed of adjusting your reformer, which is of particular benefit when used in a group class environment, where the C8-Pro excels. Spring bars can be attached to a spring bar with one hand for one-hand adjustment. This saves up to 12 extra actions compared to standard reformers.

Many Pilates professionals select their reformer based on the ride characteristics, and the most important aspects of that are the number and type of wheels. There is a connection between the number of wheels and the resistance of the carriage, the sound the machine makes, the handling of crossloading, and the level of maintenance required for optimal performance. C8 uses eight 'roller blade style' wheels, which are designed to offer a quieter, softer ride with greater rolling resistance compared to the harder nylon wheels used in a 4-wheel system like the C2-Pro RC, where the wheels run in matched aluminum profiles. There is no better or worse machine because it is a matter of preference for the user, though for many this will be a determining factor in which machine they buy. It is likely that many will prefer the ride style they are more familiar with or have trained on.

In addition to being stackable, the C8-Pro can be freestanding either with its optional freestanding feet or with leg extensions, which raises the bed height from 26cm to 44cm. It is the most versatile reformer in its class, and it offers unparalleled value for money. As with previous C-Series reformers, it accepts either a Full or Half Cadillac Frame. Moreover, the C8-Pro Reformer shares all its accessories with its predecessor, the C2-Pro RC Reformer, making it compatible with earlier C-Series machines.

In this version of the C8-Pro reformer, Leg Extensions are included, making it ideal for those who prefer to raise the bed to 44 cm. With these leg extensions, the C8-Pro Reformer can also free stand, which is helpful in multi-function Pilates studios where you need to stand the reformer up out of the way to use the floor space. Warning when standing your reformer:Your reformer should only be stood up in places where there is no risk of it being knocked over by other activities in the same room. Never stand a reformer in a room that can be accessed by children. The reformer must only be stood up indoors on firm, flat surfaces. All our commercial reformers are light commercial warrantied at 27.5 hours per week. The C8-Pro is suitable for users 145cm - 193cm (4’10” - 6’4”), max. user weight:150kg.

  • Patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar for the fastest spring bar changes available, using one hand and a single action
  • Class-leading travel:106.5cm
  • Large & comfortable carriage bed:92cm (L) x 58cm (W) for greater comfort
  • Space-saving as it can be stacked and can freestand when selected with either the optional freestanding feet or the extension leg option, and can be wheeled for ease of movement and storage
  • 4 footbar positions including flat
  • Adjustable head rest:3 improved position head rest
  • Adjustable shoulder rest:removable & lockable shoulder rest with new off centred shoulder pads to give a choice of two widths
  • Improved rope adjustment system with easy accessibility by the headrest. Pro Adjusters can be used for precise adjustments and replaces our old T-Bar system.
  • Removable rope risers with 7 height positions (if extension legs are used)
  • 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs in 3 different strengths (2x Light, 2x Medium & 1x Strong)
  • Adjustable feet to ensure your reformer sits flat and can run smoothly
  • Choice of heights, either standard 26cm or 44cm with optional leg extensions
  • Includes Align-Pilates ‘Silent’ system with metal-free double loop handles, ropes & foot straps, plus our patented silent pulleys for a super quiet user experience
  • 8-wheel PU system:Improved anodized aluminium runners with a 8 PU wheel carriage for super quiet & maintenance free ride
  • Oversized foot bar & lowered pivot point for extra solid feel
  • New Gondola Pole storage hooks underneath the runner for convenient access and a tidier studio. Note:Maple Pole sold separately.
  • Independently tested to EN ISO 20957-1:2013 (see the full report here)

Differences between the C8 & C2-Pro RC:

  • 8-wheel PU system for quieter ride, lower maintence & superior cross load performance
  • Oversized foot bar & lowered pivot point for extra solid feel
  • 2cm higher off the ground in standard configuration for improved comfort

Product Details

  • Brand:  Align-Pilates
  • Dimensions:  239.5cm (L) x 66cm (W) x 44cm (H)

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