Align-Pilates Complete Studio Bundle 1

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The Align-Pilates Complete Pilates Studio Bundle 1 offers a complete studio set up suitable to run private, semi-private, and group classes. This bundle offers four A8-Pro Pilates Reformer With Standa... read more

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This Align-Pilates A8-Pro Half cadillac Studio Bundle is an example of a complete studio set up offering four Pilates reformers, each with a half cadillac frame (attached to the reformers via a bracket). This Studio set up is suitable to run private, semi-private, and group classes from the same Studio. 
In addition to the four Reformers with half cadillacs, the bundle includes mat convertors to turn the reformers in to mat work stations, Stacking arc barrels, Sitting boxes and maple poles. This is completed with two combo chairs, a ladder barrel, our new modular Step Barrel (with removable arc) a full Cadillac and a pair of rotational disks
The bundle includes a 5% discount and interest free credit / 0% finance is available in the UK (maximum loan value of £12,500 +VAT). This bundle offers saving of around 45% compared to similar bundles from other laeding brands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

This bundle includes the following items

  • 4 x  A8-Pro Reformer with Standard height legs
  • 4 x A2 Half Cadillac Frames with reformer brackets
  • 4 x A2* Mat Conversion for Reformer
  • 4 x Platform extenders
  • 4 x Jump Boards
  • 4 x Sitting Box
  • 1 x A2 Full Cadillac
  • 2 x Combo Pilates Chair
  • 1 x Ladder Barrel
  • 4 x Stacking Arc Barrel
  • 1 x Modular Step Barrel with Pole
  • 1 x Rotational Disks 12" (pair)
  • 4 x Maple Roll Up Pole 32"

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