How To Use Your Spikey Trigger Point Massage Balls!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Emma Cuadrado of Cambridge Barre Workout takes us through how to use your Fitness-Mad spikey massage ball to release tight knots and tension. Emma is demo-ing these trigger point release's with our Spikey Massage Ball Set of 3

1. Shoulder and Neck Tension release

  • Use a wall or hard surface. Place the ball between your shoulder blades

  • Roll the ball across your upper back and shoulder blades and hold for a few seconds

  • Great for those little niggles

2. Glute and Hip release

  • Releasing the hip/glutes. Rollers are amazing for releasing muscle tension but the spiky ball can target specific areas

  • Placing the ball under the hip or glute. Add extra pressure by lowering the body onto the ball and roll the ball across and into the tight muscle areas

3. Foot release

  • Working with the spiky ball.They are great to get into smaller areas of the body

  • Great for releasing tension in the feet

  • Place the ball in the centre of the foot and stand onto the ball and roll the foot across and around the foot to help release any tension