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Our fitness equipment range includes mats, aerobic equipment, resistance bands & tubes, gym balls, core stability and more!

Help speed up your recovery with our massage tool range, trigger point massage balls target specific areas or recover with a foam roller after a hard workout!

Our strength training range includes the adjustable dumbbell system, PowerBlock - the worlds best dumbbell! Alongside our dumbbells and weights which can be used both in a gym or at home.

Yoga-Mad Yoga Products

Choose from our wide range of yoga equipment:suitable for all styles and abilities.

Pilates Equipment Button

Pilates matwork accessories, from mats to rings, balls, weights and more!

ToeSox Grip Socks Image

Stick to your practice and spread your toes with these grippy 5-toe socks by ToeSox. Letting your feet move naturally and provide anti-slip, for Yoga, Pilates and Barre!

Tavi Noir Grip Socks Collection​​​​​​​
Fashionable yet functional, these grip socks by Tavi Noir are ideal for Barre and Pilates. 

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