Take your body conditioning and training to the next level with Fitness-Mad equipment! Then recover quickly with a selection of massage tools. 

We pride ourselves on our high quality equipment which is ideal for studio, clubs, gyms, as well as fitness instructors, personal trainers or for home and private use.

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Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wraps.

Item No.FSUPPORT40 Out of stock, but back in on 3/2/2023
Price £8.5

Weighted Leather Jump Rope.

Item No.FSKIPLR17 In stock
Price £12.99

Womens Cross Trainer Gloves - Blue.

Item No.FGLOVECWBLU In stock
Price £11.99

Womens Cross Trainer Gloves - Pink.

Item No.FGLOVECWPNK Low stock
Price £11.99

Womens Fitness Gloves.

Item No.FGLOVESYNW In stock
Price £9.99

Wrist & Ankle Weights - 2 x 0.5kg.

Item No.FANKLE1 In stock
Price £18.99

Wrist & Ankle Weights - 2 x 1kg.

Item No.FANKLE2 In stock
Price £24.99