Massage Rollers & Sticks

Range of massage and trigger point balls from Fitness-Mad is perfect for rehabilitation, as well as aiding recovery from injury and helping out aching muscles. The balls vary in style, strength, and size to offer you a wide range of choice perfect for relieving tight, knotted, or aching muscles. Find the right set of massage or trigger balls for you here.

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Atom Massage Stick .

Item No.FSTICKATOM In stock
Price £15.99

Rolling Massage Stick.

Item No.FSTICK14 In stock
Price £8.99

Trigger Point 4-Way Massager.

Item No.FMASSAGE4W In stock
Price £5.99

Trigger Point H-Massager.

Item No.FMASSAGEH In stock
Price £5.99

Trigger Point Massage Set.

Item No.FMASS4THSET In stock
Price £14.99

Trigger Point Thumb Massager.

Item No.FMASSAGET In stock
Price £5.99