Wobble Boards & Stability Cushions

Perfect for working your core stability, regular use of a wobble board is a great way to improve your balance, increase core strength and improve one's range of movement.

Manufactured to a high standard, incorporating high quality, durable materials, leading fitness brand Fitness-Mad also provides MAD-HQ with similar equipment over in the Core Stability section.

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Ab Mat - Abdominal Sit Up Support.

Item No.FABMAT In stock
Price £21.99

Adjustable Wobble Board.

Item No.FWOBBLE20 In stock
Price £32.99

Air Dome Pro II (Includes Pump).

Item No.FBALDOME2 In stock
Price £116.99

Oval Balance Pads (Pair).

Item No.FBALANCEOVAL Out of stock, but back in on 18/11/2022
Price £39.99

Stability Cushion (Includes Pump).

Item No.FSTABILITY19 In stock
Price £21.99