Align-Pilates Freestanding Legs For C8 & C2-Pro RC Reformers

£54.99 inc VAT (ex VAT £45.83)

Adapt your C8 or C2-Pro RC Pilates reformers to freestand. Perfect for those who are looking to save space in your home or studio. Fitting the legs is a simple five-minute job and full instructions ar... read more

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These legs allow your C8-Pro or C2-Pro RC to free stand. Please note these are not required if you have already fitted leg extensions to your reformer.

Fitting the legs is a simple five minute job and full instructions are supplied.

Please note - Reformers should only be stood up indoors, on firm, flat resilient floors and in areas where there is no chance of them being accessed by children or knocked over by other activities.  Reformers are best stood up next to a wall and should never be stood up on loose floor coverings such as rugs.

Compatibility - C8-Pro & C2-Pro RC reformers only. C2 Pro reformers without the Rapid Change (RC) spring bar and earlier C Series reformers cannot accept these legs

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