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An Interview with Berit Kauffeldt – ToeSox UK & EU Ambassador


An Interview with Berit Kauffeldt – ToeSox UK & EU Ambassador

1. Tell us about when did you first start practicing yoga and mindfulness and why?

I started two years ago, when I had a hard time during my volleyball season in Poland. I couldn't get along with the coach, the team mates weren't so nice and I had problems to adapt to the Polish mentality. I needed something else than only my job as a volleyball player. I started with yoga from YouTube, after I bought DVDs and went to live classes. And on the side I developed my meditation and awareness practices. It helped me so much at difficult times and gives me stability in live when everything is perfect.



2. Do you have a favourite style of yoga and what is it about it you love?

I like Anusara Yoga because it makes the relation between body mind very clear. I love to open my hips and in the same time my mind, to lean back and feel the new energy in my lungs.

And if I have the possibility to do Aerial yoga I love it, too. It's gives me the feeling of being light and free. Plus it's perfect to relax the spine after many jumps in the volleyball gym.

3. Do you use yoga as part of your exercise regime for your Volleyball, if so, how does it help?
I do some yoga every morning before practice and the positive outcome is immense. To but it in a nutshell:a) more flexibility so my movement become more smooth b) better balance is prevention to don't spread my ankle landing on someone's feet. C) overall strength, I practice muscles I usually don't use in volleyball practice or weight lifting, that makes me a complete and healthy athlete. D) and most important:mental strength, yoga helps me to stay focused in the important phases of a match.



4. Which is your favourite yoga pose and why?

The flow from warrior l to ll to lll. I do that almost every time I step on my mat. I like to breathe in position one, open my hips in two and balance in three, it has everything.

5. Do you have a favourite place to practice?

Overall outside! And especially:I'm the happiest person in the world, when I can do yoga close to the lake, under a big tree in my hometown "Schwerin" in Germany. It's my magical place.

6. What do you like about wearing ToeSox?

Like I mentioned earlier I like the feeling of freedom and that's what I LOVE about ToeSox. Freedom for my feet. I like the feeling of being barefoot and ToeSox are giving me exactly that. I can wear socks and be wild and free in the same time.


7. Do you have a favourite style of ToeSox?

That's a hard decision. The first place are for grip socks in a matching color to outfit because I like to do yoga in the morning outside and those lovely socks keep my feet warm without sliding on my mat.

Second place are compression socks because I love running as well and I can't get enough of this beautiful colors!!


8. And finally, what does yoga mean to you?

Yoga is a way of life for me. What started with asanas on YouTube,is in the meanwhile the way I eat, think and love.


About Berit:

Berit Kauffeldt is a super inspiring professional volleyball player from Schwerin who loves healthy cooking, travelling, jogging, volleyball (of course) and all things yoga! Also a prolific writer for her own blog, Kringel, follower her story on Instagram at:@beritkauffeldt

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