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Helping Future Olympians


Helping Future Olympians

MAD-HQ recently donated some massage goodies for the team of elite rowers that are aspiring to compete in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. They currently train at the Leander Club which has an unsurpassed record in rowing achievements. It is home to heroes such as Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent, double gold medallists James Cracknell, Steve Williams and Pete Reed, and the champions of tomorrow.

Matt Rossiter using our Vari-Massage Roller in Lime Green | Image courtesy of Matt Rossiter

What's more is that MAD-HQ has close connections to the Leander Club as well:

“My father, Ian Elliott, was a member of Leander and rowed in the Olympic 8 in Rome in 1960. My grandfather, Jack Beresford was also a member of Leander, a Steward and won 3 Golds and 2 Silvers in 5 consecutive Olympics from 1920 – 1936, where he was the captain of the British Olympic team. My great Grandfather Julius Beresford won a Silver medal in 1912. My brother and I were rather less successful than our predecessors on the water! I competed at Henley in 1983 and was knocked out in the first round!!!” - David Elliott, Managing Director of The Mad Group

It’s safe to say that our massage and rehab gear has now become an essential part of Leander club crew member’s kit for when they’re travelling and in their team gym.

Matt’s travel prep for when he was racing in the Nederland’s | Image courtesy of Matt Rossiter

Matt regularly keeps his foam roller, massage stick and trigger point massage ball as part of his gear.

“All the products are fantastic. The large foam roller is really nice for rolling out your ribs and side. The firmer short rollers are just perfect for rolling out calves, hamstrings, IT band, back, glutes and lats. I use it before and after a session WITHOUT FAIL!” – Matt Rossiter

Leander team members in the gym using the 12” exer-soft ball | Image courtesy of Cameron Butcher

Massaging the quads with the Fitness-Mad massage stick | Images courtesy of Cameron Butcher

The Leander Club crew are about to start racing at Henley Royal Regatta. They’re competing in the Ladies Plate Challenge Cup and their first race is on Saturday 2nd against California University – you’ll be able to watch it live on YouTube:

We wish the crew luck in their races this coming weekend!

The crew working hard | Image credit:Ed Fisher

Leander Team featured in images:Matt Rossiter, Adam Neil, George Rossiter, Cameron Butcher, Tom Ford and Tim Clark.


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