Mbodies Training Academy is a top quality education provider specialising in Career and ProfessionalDevelopment Education (CPD) for Physiotherapists, other fitness focused Medical professionals, Pilates Instructors and advanced Fitness Professionals.

Mbodies Education can be separated into three categories:

  • Wellness and Special Populations Clinical Training
  • Pilates Equipment and Specialist Matwork workshops for existing Pilates Instructors
  • Product and Accessory induction, safety and choreography based Workshops

Whether you're looking to become a Pilates instructor, or are already a Pilates studio owner, you can continue your development with a range of courses aimed to improve the quality of instructors and teachers across the UK and Europe.

Learn more about the courses that Mbodies provide on their website - http://www.mbodiesacademy.com/

If you're already a teacher, and looking to kit out your studio with high quality, Pilates studio apparatus, then you don't have to look much further than in our Pilates section here at MAD-HQ! If you're specifically looking for the Align-Pilates brand, then head over to the Align-Pilates homepage for an extensive collection of Pilates equipment.

The-Mad-Group and MBodies work together to provide the students and graduates from MBodies training courses with GOLD trade discounts, which provide up to 35% discount across most of the MAD ranges* - perfect for setting up your new business or studio with mats, equipment or accessories.

Learn more about Mbodies and their training courses below:





*Discount does not apply to Align-Pilates range, bulk items or clothing.

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