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Our Top 5 Stocking Fillers!


Our Top 5 Stocking Fillers!

Christmas is fast approaching and finding those perfect gifts is starting to seem a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but never fear, we’re on hand to help this holiday season. Here are our Top 5 stocking filler gifts that we’re sure the fitness fanatic, yogi or yogini or Pilates lover in your life will be sure to appreciate: 

1. ToeSox

ToeSox are ideal for anyone looking to spread their toes and gain better foot health. Foot health should be important for any active person, they carry you whilst running and walking, you need them for balance and support in yoga or Pilates so spread a little love to your loved ones toes this season and choose from the range of grip, dance, casual or sport!

2. Running Mitts

Got a runner in your life? Now the nights have most definitely drawn in, help keep them seen and safe in a pair of Running Mitts. These mitts have a reflective design for extra safety plus on these especially cold winter days you can fold out the mitt cover to keep your fingers extra warm.

3. Foam rollers

Anyone who is serious about sport should be serious about their recovery, making a foam roller an ideal stocking filler. The mini-massage roller can fit in any gym bag with ease and is the ultimate in transportable roller for a quick and easy massage pre-or post-workout


4. No-Stink Multi-Purpose Deodoriser

Gym bags, dance kits or yoga mat bags can cause a stink - making a No-Stink Multi-Purpose Deodoriser a great stocking filler. They can be used for anything from trainers to gloves!

5. Gym Towel

Does your friend, OH or family member love working up a sweat? Then a gym towel could be a fantastic stocking filler! Thanks to the innovative dimensions this microfibre gym towel can go from spin class to a weight bench with no issue!

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