5 Reasons Why You Have To Man Up For Pilates

Thursday, 14 June 2018

With Father’s Day right around the corner and the World Cup looming over, we want to encourage you fit daddies everywhere to do Pilates with your HIIT to avoid injuries.

Pilates, developed by a man, Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 1900s, is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body. Generally, it improves balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and posture. Up until today, it is generally regarded as female-oriented. After reading this article, you will be surprised on the great benefits it can give men.

1 - Align and strengthen your feet

The foot is a complex structure of 26 bones, 33 joints, and is layered with an intertwining web of more than 120 muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Joseph himself emphasised the feet in workouts and believed it to be the base for a good foundation of the body.

Men’s feet become more stiff and rigid due to hard-soled shoes and reduced foot movement over time. While working alongside physios, runners and football players were at high-risk.

At Hope Pilates, this is specifically addressed in our tailor-fitted “Men’s Reformer” class where we would do resistance-based footwork (Fascia release). You can also register for FREE for Hope Pilates Foot Corrector Workshop.

2 - Achieve overall balanced body conditioning

You don’t need to use heavy weights to challenge your stability muscles or strengthen your core! If you overdo it, your larger muscles will try to take over, and you will do the movement incorrectly. As a result, it is likely you will neglect some muscle groups and overdevelop others.

Reformer Pilates offers resistance and a precise workout. You will be able to work on your strength, stability, and alignment and stretch like never before.

3 - Build core strength

Wanting to get that six-pack? Pilates can give you that since it focuses on moving your limbs powered through your core muscles or “powerhouse”. By strengthening your transverse abdominals, the base ab muscle under your six-pack, you will gain a stronger back and feel younger and greater!

In my teaching experience, even boxers struggle with the Hundreds workout which involves isometric contractions.

4 - Increase your flexibility

Some believe that flexibility is required for Pilates while others believe that flexibility is acquired through Yoga! Having taught in both disciplines for many years, Pilates, in my opinion, is a safer and gentler way to ease your body into flexibility.

Instead of holding a standing posture which might be uncomfortable depending on flexibility in dynamic, we mobilise and stretch at the same time as strengthening. You are constantly working while pushing the range of movement to grow each session. Pilates breather, in turn, maximizes your lung capacity. You are DEFINITELY GUARANTEED to feel the improvement with your 1st session!

5- Strengthen your pelvic floor

Pilates did it before Kegel made it cool. While you practice Pilates, you will strengthen your pelvic floor at the same time! Men who practice it can gain better control of themselves and can surely satisfy their lover longer.

Are you going to man up for Pilates now?

The best way to understand Pilates is by having a firsthand experience and taking classes. In most studios, you might find that women outnumber men by quite a bit. Good news is, at the Hope Pilates Studio, they have “Men ONLY” classes with a maximum of 3 participants so you will have a more personalized training.

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