How to Build A Successful Pilates Or Yoga Business

Thursday, 16 November 2017

How to build a successful business

Are you a Pilates or Yoga instructor who has recently qualified, or are you considering setting up your own studio after several years in the industry? Starting your own business requires persistence and hard work. Businesses don't grow rapidly unless you're very lucky. For most instructors, building a business takes time and dedication.

The core elements of success:

1. Keep your costs low

2. Get the word out

3. Build a solid reputation

4. Be pro-active

Basic Planning

Keeping costs low is important as it will take time to build the business, and you need to ensure that you can stay the course. Too many people enter the market spending money on websites, brochures, leaflets technology, only to find that they run out of money sooner than expected. Prepare a business plan. You can easily do this on a spreadsheet. Itemise all of your outgoings:rent, insurance, fees, equipment, fuel, phone charges and marketing. Spending your marketing budget wisely is going to be a big factor in your success. You don't need an accountant to do this, you can do this yourself. This will allow you to work out anticipated costs over a period of 12 months, for instance. Work out the revenue you expect to generate. Be conservative to avoid over estimating. Add this to your spreadsheet so that you can work out what you need to achieve to break even, and over time create a surplus.

Look for Value

Once you have established your anticipated costs, get quotes. Rent and venue hire varies considerably, so be prepared to haggle. Don't compromise on venues, good locations with parking or good public transport links are valuable. The more accessible you are, the more likely you are to grow. Consider what equipment you are going to provide your customers with, and look for the best deals on high quality mats, props, Pilates refomers and more. Yoga-Mad, Pilates-Mad and Align-Pilates are the leading suppliers of yoga and Pilates equipment in the UK, offering excellent deals on a complete range of apparatus. No matter what service you're buying, always look for value. The cheapest may not be the best for you, but the most expensive may not either!

Get the word out

This is a big one. It's about building a presence and reference point for your customers. Set a budget that will give you visibility over the long haul and help your business to grow. With leaflet drops, posters, direct mail, newspaper adverts, PPC, social advertising, sponsorship, radio, and email marketing, there's no end of ways to spend your money. It needs to be inexpensive and reach your local target market with minimum wastage. It should give you a platform to promote all of your classes, events and services, and support your growth.


Only you can build your reputation. Looking after your customers and keeping them happy and smiling is incredibly important. They will recommend you if you look after them. This is a big part of building your businesses. However, reputation and word of mouth is slow and can take time, and when building a business from the ground you need to move fast. It is therefore important to get your brand identity out there so that other people can see you have a solid reputability. Reputation is marketing. It's an asset that can help you to grow. It should be part of your business ecosystem. Choosing the right marketing platform can speed the process up dramatically.


Don't be passive! The world does not owe you a living just because you have a qualification. You have to earn it. As Ray Kroc once said, “persistence pays” - he was the man that grew McDonalds from a single hamburger stand to the biggest fast food chain in the world! Success never follows in a straight line, so be prepared to try new things. Use a strong marketing platform to help you build a reputation for excellence and consistency. Align your self with businesses that have the same goals as you.

Success is what you make it

It may all seem a bit daunting for some, and they often never get their feet off of the ground . In fact, a huge percentage of businesses fail in the first year. This is because they didn't think ahead, budget wisely or choose the right marketing platform.

Thankfully, the NearYou platform helps instructors to get started with everything they will need to build their business. It is a website and App that helps millions of people find classes near where they live or work. It's unique, established and has helped thousands of instructors and studios, grow and develop. It has an enviable reputation with an average service rating of 4.8 out of 5 FeeFo.

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If you have recently qualified with a Pilates or yoga teaching qualification, or run a Pilates or yoga studio, list your classes on the NearYou websites and App for maximum visibility, and watch your business grow!