Melissa Breen - Monday Madness Routine!

Monday, 23 May 2016

The other week we mentioned that Melissa Breen is an avid Align-Pilate’s apparatus fan and uses our A2R reformer. Check out her routine below and see if you can steel some tips for your own routine:

Monday Madness

“I love Mondays for a few reasons, it’s the freshest I am for training because Sunday is my rest day, I get to run fast because on Monday’s I always have a block start session and I get to finish my day with a Pilates session on my A2R Reformer.”


Wake up, breakfast (cereal, fruit and milk) and coffee, play time with my cat Cleo, and getting ready for training

Photo credit:Melissa Breen.


Arrive at the track, usual warm up 5 min jog, run throughs, hurdle drills, track drills, block start session (20m x3, 40m, 60m, 40m) – 30min rest – Speed endurance session 200m x4 (recovery 4min, 4.5min, 5min)


Arrive back home, jump in the pool for recovery, lunch time (usually toasted sandwich)


Treatment for an hour


Coaching; I help out with my coach Matt’s business by assisting him on both track and gym coaching sessions


Arrive back home, dinner time (steak and vegetables)


Shower, and finish the day off with a long Pilates session on my A2R Reformer (focus on stretches for hamstrings, gluts and hip flexors).

Photo credit: Melissa Breen.



And there you have it, just a typical Monday routine for a world class athlete. Melissa uses the A2R Reformer to aid her stretching of key muscle groups.