What are you mad about?

Having the right Pilates mat is an essential, that's why at Pilates-Mad we have all sorts of mats, from thick to thin, with and without eyelets to suit your studio or style!

Looking for Pilates apparatus equipment? Look no further, Align-Pilates is a leading UK & EU brand of Pilates studio equipment. 

Adding Pilates weights to your routine is a great way to add that extra bit of challenge for yourself, or for clients. 

In our range of Yoga Pilates equipment, balls are an essential! From Swiss balls to over balls to really challenge the core or provide support during your Pilates workout or class!

ToeSox truly are the perfect partners for Pilates classes, for either matwork or reformers. They help you stick to your practice as well as allowing the toes to spread. Available in a range of styles and colours.

Pilates rings, or magic circles, add a whole new level to your Pilates practice, they add further resistance to standard exercises to make them a lot tougher! Choose from sprung steel or foam covered flexible plastic.

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