Align-Pilates Reformer Range

The Align-Pilates Pilates Reformer Range offers a comprehensive collection of Pilates reformers to suit different tastes for both commercial or home use! We have a Pilates machine for all budgets.

Studio Pilates Reformer range

In the professional range there is the class leading A2 series reformers that are perfect for commercial use in Pilates Studios, in Pilates for Sports Conditioning & physiotherapy, where this reformer is often used ion conjuction with a Pilates Half Cadillac. The best selling C Series Pilates reformer is also for Studio use but being a more compact reformer it is ideal for group reformer classes thought the flexibilty of C1 Pro series which means it can accept both full and half cadillac options makes it suitable for use in many different environments. The A & C series Studio Pilates reformers both have aluminium frames and numerous configuration options to give you the flexibility to adapt your Pilates reformer as your needs change.  A new interchangeable Contemporary / Classic Pilates reformer made from finest maple wood is due to be added to the range in late 2017.  Commerical Pilates refomers coming with a comprehensive light commercial warranty and are rated for users up to 150Kg in weight.

Home Pilates Reformer range

Align-Pilates also have a selection of reformers with space saving designs made exclusively for the home Pilates studio, including the F2 folding Pilate reformer and the H1 Pilates reformer which can free stand for those with limited space. Home Pilates machines share many of the same high quality components as their commercial equivalents and come with an extensive home warranty and a rated for users up to 12okg. 

Both Commercial and Home reformers and rigourously tested to ensure performance and longevity and there are regular feature updates with a focus on backward compatibiltity to ensure your Pilates reformer can improve as you and your business grows! 

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