Pilates Blocks & Bricks

As in yoga alike, Pilates blocks and bricks can be used to aid positions and moves in Pilates classes. The blocks can assist the body, in an attempt to avoid injury when initially starting out with Pilates, or for moves where further flexibility is needed. Browse the full range of blocks and bricks by leading Pilates brand!
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1" x 6" x 9" Pilates Block .

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Price £6.49

2" x 10" x 13" Pilates Block.

Item No.PAPBLOCK21013 In stock
Price £25.99

3" x 6" x 9" Pilates Block.

Item No.PAPBLOCK369 In stock
Price £14.99

Pilates Head Block.

Item No.FBLOCK25EVA In stock
Price £4.25

Pilates Sitting Block.

Item No.FBLOCK60EVA In stock
Price £13.99