Product Warranty for Commercial

The MAD Group (HQ) Ltd Commercial Warranty

MAD product (Fitness-Mad, Pilates-Mad, Boxing-Mad and Yoga-Mad) are warrantied against manufacturers defect for a period of 12 months. This does not cover wear and tear. All products not branded as MAD are covered by the brand specific warranties.

Exclusions for commercial usage

  1. Slam Balls – Commercial warranty extends to 90 days.
  2. Personal items – are not warrantied within a commercial environment, these include;
    1. Personal training items, such as:weight lifting belts / Supports
    2. Consumer grade durability items, such as:PE Foam Rollers / 125kg Swiss Ball
    3. Single user items as prescribed by hygiene, such as:Bed of nails / Water Bottles
    4. For a definitive list please request our commercial price list.

General Exclusions

The following claims/costs will not be covered under the warranty;

  1. Wear and tear – the warranty is not a warrant that the life expectancy of the product is greater than the duration of the warranty as this is usage dependent
  2. Neglect or use of the item in a manner other than intended for such a product
  3. Specific Exclusions
    1. Cosmetic damage to paint or vinyl finish to include chipping or flaking on products such as (but not limited to) Kettle Bells and dumbbells. Or any minor cosmetic damage that leaves the product functionally sound.
    2. Throwing or dropping of products that don’t specifically cite this usage including, but not limited to, kettle bells, dumbbells and weighted bars and slamming of medicine balls will invalidate any warranty claim.
    3. For products designed to be dropped or thrown such as Slam balls these must be thrown against an appropriate gym floor i.e. rubber or EVA. Products damaged against concrete, tarmac, hard or rough surfaces will not be covered in the event of damage.
    4. Any damage to flooring, mats or products containing rubber or latex caused by regular exposure to direct sunlight, heat or moisture sources or where the care instructions have not been correctly adhered to is excluded.
    5. Carriage or installation costs are excluded.

Claim Procedure

In the first instance any warranty claim should be detailed in writing together with photographic evidence and sent to [email protected]. Following this further evidence to validate the claim may be requested, including a request to return the faulty goods for inspection - under no circumstance should these be discarded prior to settlement of the claim, without written authorisation from The Mad Group (HQ) Ltd.

If the item is confirmed as faulty due to a manufacturing defect within the period The Mad Group (HQ) Ltd will repair or replace the item at our discretion. In the event of repair or replacement the balance of the warranty will remain from the original purchase date.

For all warranty queries please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1386 425920

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