Align-Pilates Low Legs For A-Series Pilates Reformer

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By being able to accept three different leg heights (low, standard or rehab height), the Align-Pilates A-Series reformers are a future proof investment. Lower your A-Series Pilates reformers to 28cm w... read more

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The Align-Pilates A2 series Pilates reformers are able to accept 3 different leg heights and customers can easily change from one leg height to another, for example; if you're moving to a studio with a lower ceiling or prefer to have clients closer to the floor for safety in group classes then our set of low legs are perfect and can easily be changed. The carriage bed sits at 28cm with the low legs and also feature adjustable feet to ensure you can get the reformer level, essential for smooth operation, plus a set of wheels to make it easier to move your A2 series Pilates reformer around. These legs are compatible with all Align-Pilates A2 Series Pilates machines eg A2, A2R etc as all A2 components fit any A2 series reformer. The Align-Pilates A2 series Pilates reformers future proofs you as your Pilates Studio evolves.


  • Raises height of A2 series reformers carriage bed to 28cm
  • Dimensions - 21cm (W) x 14.5cm (L) x 25.5cm (D)
  • Weight - 4.2kg

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