A8 Pro Pilates Reformer and Half Cadillac Bundle

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The A8 Pro Pilates reformer and Half Cadillac bundle is the perfect way to save on costs but not on performance... read more

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The A8 Pro Pilates reformer and Half Cadillac bundle is the perfect way to save on costs but not on performance.

The Align-Pilates A8-Pro Pilates reformer is brand new for 2020 and is the updated version of our flagship commercial Pilates reformer, the A2. The A8-Pro has a completely new runner profile and runs on 8 PU wheels (rather than 4  nylon wheels of the preceding A2 models), this new platform offers a quieter ride, improved handling of cross loading forces and reduced maintenance. The A8-Pro also features our new patent pending Rapid Change spring bar for the fastest spring bar adjustment on the market and a host of other subtle improvements, to make the A8-Pro the new star in the Align-Pilates lineup! The A8 Pro has been designed for both studio, rehab and private use, with the innovative design offering a host of easy adjustments to provide complete flexibility in use.

The A8 Pro reformer can be stacked and has wheels for easy movement. The Align-Pilates Half Cadillac Tower is compatible with all A series Pilates Reformers and the Wall Unit adapter. The Half Cadillac / trapeze tower unit allows you to perform the majority of the repertoire of the Cadillac / Trapeze table.

What's Included​

  • Align-Pilates A8 Pro Reformer with Standard Legs
  • Sitting Box
  • A2 Half Cadillac Tower & bracket
  • A2 Jump Board
  • A2 Mattress convertor
  • Maple Gondola Pole (60')


This product is delivered on a pallet and therefore must have suitable access for van or lorry deliveries. Pallet delivery products are excluded from our free shipping policy. 

For recommended maintenance & cleaning please visit the Align-Pilates Resources page and view the Align-Pilates Routine Safety & Maintenance Guide

Safety Warning The supplied Safety strap with this unit  is solely designed to prevent the swing through bar from swinging down dangerously under tension and hitting the user, mainly when it is sprung from underneath the bar and the user is lying underneath it. The safety strap is not designed to turn the swing through bar in to a rigid bar, such that it can then be sat on, knelt on, stood on, hung on, swung on or climbed on with full or partial body weight. 

​The swing through bar is designed for push through / swing through exercises, either un-sprung or with the springs supplied.   It is not designed to withstand resistances from any source other than the springs provided nor is it designed for isometric or body weight exercises applied from any angle.  Exercises involving Standing, kneeling or sitting on the bar or support arms, swinging on the bar or support arms, hanging on the bar or support arms or laterally pulling or pushing on the bar or side arms fall outside the design specifications of this equipment and risk injury to the user 

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