PowerBlock Urethane Straight Bar

£199.99 inc VAT (ex VAT £166.66)

Will work with U-50, U-70 or U-90 Sets (will not work with any other models)- Replaces up to 41 barbells- Empty bar weight is 11Kgs- 55” total length. 40” bar (chrome) length.Weights sold separately... read more

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full product description

The PowerBlock 4ft5" straight barbell can be used with the Urethane range of adjustable dumbbells, including the U-50, U-70 and U-90 sets. Ideal for upper body weight lifting and strength training. Perfect for adding more versatility to your PowerBlock dumbbells, as well as your home gym!

Product Details:

  • Replaces up to 41 barbells
  • Empty bar weight is 11kgs
  • 55” total length. 40” bar (chrome) length
  • Only works with Urethane PowerBlock Dumbbells sets
  • PowerBlock Dumbbells sold separately

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