Align-Pilates Extra Strong Spring 47cm For Combo Chair

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All Align-Pilates springs are made from finest Korean Music Wire and are nickel coated. These 47cm springs are for use on the Pilates Combo Chair and have a small eyelet at each end specially created ... read more

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The Align-Pilates extra strong spring is perfect for use with our Combo Pilates Chair, also known as a Wunda Chair, and can also be used with our Half or Full Cadillac too. These springs are 47cm long and have a small eyelet at each end, specially created for the Chair/Cadillac, thus meaning they are not suitable for use with a reformer. The springs are crafted from the finest quality musical wire and are nickel coated. 

Product details:

  • Dimensions - 47cm x 3cm diameter
  • Material - Nickel coated wire
  • Colour - Black on spring identifier
  • Sold singly

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