Talbot-Torro, leading brand in high quality badminton equipment within Central Europe offer a range of top rackets due to the combination of best material and innovate technologies. Their rackets have been further developed to become high quality, competition level rackets.

Some features of their rackets include; graphite handle, air flex, isometric head shape, long shaft power, mega power zone, multitaper profile, power bridges, power waves, slim shaft, triangle profile, and U-profile. Find out more about Talbot-Torro’s badminton racket features here!

Talbot-Torro also presents ELI – Easy Learning Initiative, an innovative concept to get badminton into schools. Great for beginners featuring an isometric head shape providing a more forgiving play, different racket colours in their back and foreside to help correct use during backhand strokes, and more. Read more here!

Check out Talbot-Torro’s badminton racket range!

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