Tavi Noir Grip Socks

Tavi Noir is inspired by the balance of strength and femininity. Their socks are a statement of this inspiration -- a lush reflection of style. The heart of Tavi Noir’s lifestyle brand beats to the essence of three fundamentals:Fashion, Function and Flow! The triangle shape of the grip sole and their logo mark reflect this three-fold focus.

Tavi Noir utilize sensual styling that invokes simple sophistication. They believe function, fashion, and fitness should flow seamlessly together. From the barre to boot, the gym to the beach, the hills to the streets; you can look fabulous in every situation. Finally, a sock that is more than just an accessory, it’s attention to the small details with a purpose that effortlessly makes a woman look and feel sexy, while still providing a functional purpose.

It is Tavi Noir's mission to create products that help you flow through life. They are dedicated to ensuring their products are designed with the highest level of quality and most beautiful of details.

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