Thick/Wide Yoga Mats

Struggling to find a selection of thick yoga mats? Or looking for extra wide yoga mats? Yoga-Mad has a range of thick mats, available in different colours and textures which provide extra cushioning for more comfort whilst you are practicing so you can find your perfect yoga mat! A thick yoga mat can also be used for Pilates too whereas the standard, thinner style of yoga mat do not offer enough cushioning for the spine when performing certain Pilates exercises, such as The Hundred or Bridge. Plus you get the extra advantage of having a good gripping mat, whereas some Pilates mats may be slippy or stretchy depending on the type of material.

Choose from our eco yoga mat, the Evolution Deluxe Yoga Mat is 6mm in thickness and has a super soft feel and excellent grip or our best selling thick mats; the Warrior Plus mat which has the same grip as our thinner warrior yoga mats. 

Our wide yoga mat comes from our studio yoga mat range, made in Germany, ultra durable and is sized at 80cm wide to give you extra ground coverage which can be preferred to stop draughts and keep your whole body on the mat!


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