Travel Yoga Mats

There is nothing better than having your own yoga mat whilst away and being able to practice in the most beautiful places in the world. Yet travelling can be tricky with a yoga mat! A standard yoga mat won't fold and 61cm is too long for most standard suitcases! The Yoga-Mad travel yoga mats range is here to help. Foldable and lightweight making our travel yoga mats perfectly portable, whereever you may be travelling to! 

Choose from the studio travel yoga mats, which is only 750g and 1.5mm thick or the SureGrip travel yoga mats which are slightly thicker at 2mm but still perfectly foldable with the strongest grip of any travel yoga mats out there!

Travel yoga mats are also great for taking to yoga classes where mats are provided, you can use your personal lightweight mat as a topper for the provided class mats, so you have the hygiene of your own mat but the comfort of a thicker yoga mat.

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