Urethane Pro Series

PowerBlock dumbbells are a complete innovative pieces of weightlifting equipment that allow you to adjust the weight of your dumbbell. This means that you only need one pair of dummbells to work out rather than a whole rack of which can take up more space and be far more expensive.

The PowerBlock Urethane Series is the fourth generation of PowerBlocks patented adjustable dumbbell system. The finely balanced adjustable dumbbell features an ergonomic handle for a balanced lift regardless of weight, whilst the urethane coated weight plates offer silent operation.

Urethane PowerBlocks are easy and intuitive to adjust whilst the flex selector pins make for fast and effortless weight changes. The Urethane series come in a range of models with different weight ranges from the U32 with a weight range of 2-15kgs, to the U90 with a range of 2-57kgs with its add on kits.

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