Yoga Blocks

Here at Yoga-Mad, we have a range of yoga blocks in different materials and colours so you can find one that matches your yoga style perfectly. Yoga blocks are brilliant props, and we think they are an essential piece of kit for any yogi or yogini! They assist you in your yoga practice by adding additional height and support to yoga poses to help ensure you are in good alignment. They allow you to adapt the pose to your ability, which helps prevent overstretching or injury. They are usually used in pairs so you can fine tune just how much support you need, and if you'd like to really get into the micro details we have half blocks available too. 

Our yoga blocks are used by many yoga teachers and yoga studios throughout the UK and across Europe as we pride ourselves on supplying high-quality studio equipment, so you can be sure any equipment you purchase from us, is designed to endure. 

If you're looking to purchase yoga blocks in bulk, please head to our Wholesale Yoga Products section. For any other accessories you might need head over our Yoga Accessories section.

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