Studio Yoga Mats

If you are looking for a studio yoga mat designed for high intensity use, then Yoga-Mad's range of studio yoga mats are the perfect choice. Choose from a large selection of colours, thicknesses and available in an extra wide width! Our range of  studio yoga mats are high quality providing; extra density, comfort, and excellent grip, all whilst the material is significantly more durable than a regular yoga mat.
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Extra Wide Studio Yoga Mat - 4.5mm.

Item No.ASTUDIO580 In stock
Price £38.99

Studio Pro Yoga Mat - 4.5mm.

Item No.ASTUDIO5 In stock
Price £31.49

Studio Yoga Mat Lightweight - 3mm.

Item No.ASTUDIO3 In stock
Price £24.99

Travel Yoga Mat 1.8mm.

Item No.ASTUDIO2 In stock
Price £20.99